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Search engine optimization (SEO)) is proven to result in the highest Return on Investment of any form of marketing.

Corporate Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Small to Medium Size Business Search Engine Optimization Plans

Google gives away over 60% of what they do for free. That is about $60 billion a year that is available if you master search engine optimization. In today’s business you need a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) plan to be competitive. can be your teacher and guide to who will support you. We have a full support team: SEO experts, writers, programmers, website design masters and local search optimization pros.  Do as much as you like or have us set it up and do a large part of it. It is up to you.

To start you need keyword research to target the customers you want.

WordFinder© Keyword Market Research and Analysis – This service includes reviewing existing and brainstorming keywords, phrases, and synonyms, assessing key-phrase popularity, and identifying related or industry-specific words.

Next it is essential that a Search Optimization Situation Analysis be completed.– Your comprehensive report will include:

  • Competitive Website Analysis: Uncovers details of your top competitors’ ranking strategies and the actions you can take to offset them and gain an advantage.
  • Search Visibility Report: Takes a search-engine “spider’s” perspective of your site to reveal blocks, dead ends and overall “spider” compatibility.
  • Keyword Density Analysis Report: Shows what your web pages are telling search engines by analyzing how frequently keywords are used.
  • Keyword Effectiveness Indicator: Reports the number of web pages competing for your selected keywords.
  • Link Popularity Report: Identifies who’s linking to your website and calculates how many major search-engine links are currently pointing to it.
  • Public Relations Optimization: Identify public relations optimization opportunities.
  • Social Media Marketing Analysis: Evaluate social media marketing channels.
  • Analytics & Tracking Review: Review existing analytics and tracking and make recommendations to improve.
  • Create informational pages
  • Create optimized pages for key words and phrases
  • Create and code compelling “call to action” keyword rich Meta tag descriptions
  • Name web pages and images using proper search engine optimization protocol
  • Set up analytics and analyze web traffic monthly
  • Develop a strategy for development of keyword-rich texts used in Public Relations

We can help you accomplish the following website editorial optimization.

  • Develop and optimize web pages through appropriate keyword placement implementation
  • Optimize content for white papers and press releases
  • Post in Forums and Blogs
  • Populate all alt tags, heading <H> tags, anchor text title tags and comment tags
  • Create and submit site map
  • Distribute press releases online
  • Ongoing Link Popularity development


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