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Mobile Websites Now Required – 20% to over 60% of visitors are using mobile devices. If they do not find a mobile website they have an over 90% abandonment. Add responsive mobile and get an immediate increase in business.

If you already have a website it is time to make it work for mobile devices. Responsive design and a whole new look for your website. Increase conversion, social media interaction and get more customers.

Act now and get a fully optimized blog as part of the package. More on SEO, social media marketing and pricing.

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Mobile Website Design vs Traditional Websites Newport Beach | Orange County | California

Mobile Website Design vs Traditional Websites


Ways Mobile Websites are Different

  • Mobile websites usually include only the most crucial and time- and location-specific functions and features.
  • Mobile sites offer better integration with phone functions—and present marketing opportunities such as facilitating direct orders by phone or sending promotional text messages.
  • Mobile sites can take advantage of technology that automatically detects where users are to present local search results. When users set up their preferences or profile, personalized search results become even more relevant and valuable to them
  • Vertical navigation replaces horizontal navigation.
  • On mobile websites, there are few or no hypertexts on pages.
  • Mobile websites and use minimal graphics for navigation.
  • Most mobile websites have global navigation, contextual navigation is rare on mobile sites.
  • Mobile websites employ a minimal form of the first type of footer, but they do not use footers containing quick links.
  • Breadcrumbs are rare on mobiles websites and really aren’t necessary, because of the relatively flat structure of mobile sites.

Mobile Device Usage 2014 Mobile Websites | Newport Beach | Orange County | California

Mobile Device Usage 2014