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Increase the Value of your Start-Up has been helping start-ups make the most of their marketing resources for twenty years.

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Venture Capital firms such as Sequoia Capital look at the size of a start-up’s Serviceable Available Market (SAM) and how well they have penetrated it to determine how viable an investment they are.


TAM – Total Available Market

The largest possible portion of the population for products or services.

SAM – Serviceable Available Market

SAM is the section of the market that could buy your specific products and services.

SOM – Serviceable Obtainable Market

SOM is the portion of the market you can realistically obtain through Internet marketing. This is your current market share, your leads generated and your customers. SOM is usually very small for a start-up and dependent on how many resources you’re able to devote to capturing this market.

Start-Up SOM – Serviceable Obtainable Market

No matter how large you’re TAM and SAM is if a start-up does not have resources or uses them poorly they cannot tap into the SOM market.

SEO, Social media marketing and segmented email expand a start-up’s Serviceable Obtainable Market. It takes time and an investment of resources to establish an online presence.  Doing so will increase the market value of the company.

Start-Up SOM | Internet Marketing – Serviceable Obtainable Market

This sets up the company for rapid expansion into its SAM or Serviceable Available Market. This is why resources need to be allocated to Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing for Start-Ups increases SAM – Serviceable Available Market

Sufficient investment in Internet Marketing creates millions of dollars additional market value.

For more on how to tap into your SOM and SAM view Search-Optimization’s Slide Share.

Internet Marketing for Start-Ups from Gerry Grant


Gerry Grant CEO/Founder, an Orange County Internet Marketing Company, has been actively involved in Internet marketing since 1994. Author Gerry Grant+


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A thank you to Christopher Penn VP, Marketing Technology at Shift Communications for his SlideShare presentation on this topic.

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