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May 24 2014| 0 Comments

Google+ Tips and News

Introduction Video | The Social Media Winner is Google+


Try out Google+ for yourself.

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Google+ is now showing View Counts with some amazing numbers. Individual profiles showing numbers in the hundreds of thousands, millions, hundreds of millions and the biggest I have seen; over 15 billion views for a photographer. If you like pretty pictures you will love Google+.

Aravind Ravisank | Google Plus

Aravind Ravisank | Google Plus Introduction

Aravind Ravisank Photos

Google+ is superior in visuals, user experience, number of views and services offered. G+ connects Google’s wide variety of products into one connected experience. Using Circles they allow you to manage who you share with, who will be able to share with you and how you use Google+. Meet Google+:  Enjoy a beautiful new way to explore and share the stuff you love.

PicVidShare Automatic Tagging Camera APP on Launchrock A better way to share your world.




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