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Click here to learn how to use PicVidShare to put text on your pics and share them.

by Gerry Grant – Founder

PicVidShare Your World



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Research shows pictures with text and a link have higher click rates. Effective Influencer Marketing requires a text message and link when they share. Now PicVidShare  makes it easy right from your phone.

Use PicVidShare to automatically put text on pictures you post on Facebook from your camera phone using multiple templates. The templates streamline the posting process without any additional input: A three step Shoot, Crop for Facebook and Post is all it takes. You can then add a message and a link.


Click Here PicVidShare Camera APP for Facebook Available on Google Play


PicVidShare Camera APP Influencer Marketing Tool

Get PicVidShare Camera APP Click the Picture

“Great Facebook camera app !!!! Easy to use and to personalize any picture you want to post via Facebook” Android User Jay


How to add text and links to your Facebook posts. Visit your Google Play Store and search for PicVidShare. Select Install.  It is currently only available for Android.


You can edit previous templates or enter all new text. Use the default URL or your own link to make the picture and text link to anywhere you like. Sharing to Facebook is now so much quicker and easier and the user is in control.


“Excellent Its really fun to write something on image and post it to Facebook. Liked the way of changing the color…” Ambar Android User


How to do Influencer Marketing Inspiration Point Newport Beach by PicVidShare Camera APP


Here is what it looks like when posted to Facebook. The picture and URL are active links.


An Adobe and Software Advice survey found visual content to be the highest performing and most successful material on social media. Putting a Universal Resource Locator (URL) link with it will make it even more powerful. On Mobile people use the browser 20% of the time and APPs 80% of the time with Facebook the most at 18% of the time spent on mobile devices.


PicVidShare Camera APP Information Page, video, register form and Google Play Store link. CLICK HERE 


Here is a video on how it works.

You can use the PicVidShare camera and take a picture or post pictures from your existing Photos by selecting Gallery. The first time you will be asked to log into your Facebook account. Crop using the picture editor to assure it will be the correct size and ratio for Facebook. Landscape works best but you can edit Portrait to fit.


It also saves the picture with text to your phone and Google Photos so you can use it in other social media and text messages.


Next time you want to share a picture on Facebook select a template and it will automatically place the same text and link on it. You can also select other templates you have saved to use that information or edit them.



Gerry Grant – Founder

PicVidShare Your World


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