Influencer Marketing with Picture Marketing Made Easier

February 8 2016| 0 Comments

PicVidShare Camera APP for Influencer Marketing

Effective Influencer Marketing requires a text message and link on pictures that are shared. This has been true for years. Now PicVidShare Camera APP makes it much easier right from your phone.

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Back Bay Sunset Picture Marketing Influencer Marketing

CLICK the Pic | Back Bay Sunset Picture Marketing

Camera APP  Changes How Facebook will be used by Putting Text & Links on Facebook  Pics Now Available on Google Play


PicVidShare Camera APP Information Page. CLICK HERE

Quick & easy way to add text and links to show who you are, where you are, who you’re with…and add a link.


“Great Facebook camera app !!!! Easy to use and to personalize any picture you want to post via Facebook”

Android User Jay


PicVidShare automatically adds links and text to pictures you post on Facebook from your camera phone using multiple templates. The templates streamline the posting process unlike any other without any additional input: A three step Shoot, Crop for Facebook and Post is all it takes.


You can edit previous templates or enter all new text. Use  your own link to make the picture and text link to anywhere you like. Sharing to Facebook is now so much quicker and easier and the user is in control.


“Excellent Its really fun to write something on image and post it to Facebook. Liked the way of changing the color…”

Ambar Android User


PicVidShare Camera APP Information Page. CLICK HERE to Install the Camera APP, more information and a one minute video on how it works. There is much more to come, please fill out the form at the bottom of that page so you won’t miss an update or new version.

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