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Additional Google+ Tips and News


What is a Google+ Hovercard?

The most important part of your Google+ Profile.


Your Google+ Hovercard is your first impression and is critical!

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When you place the pointer over someone’s name a Google+ Hovercard pops up and lets you know more about people while it hovers.


The Google Plus Hovercard is the information people see about you that lets them decide if they should go further, follow you and what circle to put you in. Use the Google Plus Hovercard to start telling your story so that people will want to Circle you.

Hovercards have a profile image, your name, where you work, and a tagline with information about you. Clicking on your name will typically take the user to your profile page, most Hovercards on Social Media networks, including Google+, the user has the ability to “follow” you, right there on the spot.


Google+ Hover Card Set Up

How to properly set up your Google+ Hovercard

  • To change it click your little round face at the top right corner. This needs to be a straight on head shot or logo for a company page. Now click Account. To change photo click the photo. Then click Edit Profile on the left.
  • Each section will have an Edit button.
  •  Change your Work and Education or leave Education blank to not show anything. Put what you are currently studying.
  •  You can modify four parts: Cover Photo, Profile Image, Occupation and your Tagline.
  •  Your Cover Photo is an opportunity to show creativity. Feel free to put text or logos right on it. How to edit your Google+ Cover Photo
  •  A Profile Picture needs to be a clear easy to see Head Shot. People need to be able to put a face to the profile. On your company page a logo is appropriate.
  •  The Tagline and Occupation is about 29 characters on what you are all about and what is in it for people if they put you in a circle. Try and be clear what Circle you would be in. When you are done check it to see if you put int to much. You do not want … as part of it cutting off important information. Mine says Occupation
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  • You can also edit your location, place of work and education in the About section. This is a good place to tell more about yourself.


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 Additional Google+ Tips and News – An Orange County Internet Marketing Company

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