Google + Cover Photo Image Size and Editing 2015

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 2015 Google+ Cover Photo Image Size

Google + Cover Photo Editing 2015

by Gerry Grant

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How to edit the size of your Google + Cover Photo

Social media consultants all agree your photo is one of the most important aspects of your profile. Here is how to make the most of your Google + Cover Photo.


2015 Google+ Cover Photo Size Dimensions

2015 Google+ Cover Photo Size | Dimensions

Click the Change Cover button. Load new picture.

The recommended 2015 Google+ Cover Photo image size is 1080×608. The maximum 2015 Google+ Cover Photo image dimensions are 2120 x 1192, but you can upload a cover image as small as 480 x 270.  The whole 2015 Google+ Cover Photo image image is visible when you land on the page, so businesses can provide a much better branding experience. The business information on your Google+ Hover Card is on the left over a blurred background from the center of the photo so it does not block the Google Plus Cover Photo. Canva has a template for this. Select one you like, delete the picture or choose one you like. When you add your own picture hit the Back button until it is behind the text.


Here is what my new Google + Cover Photo looks like. CLICK HERE >> Author Gerry Grant’s Google + Profile Add me to your Circles.



I suggest you include a few pictures or one really great one. Make the pictures the same height. I used 450 pixels for height. Fit the photos in next to each other.

You can put a logo or some text on the photos up a little high. 

Save then Refresh your Google Plus profile page to see results.

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Additional Google+ Tips and News


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