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Add to your Google+ Click the Blue Rectangle


How to Setup Google+ Events

Go to the page you want the Google+ Event set up for. In a Google+ Community, it is under the picture on the left last one down: Event. If you want to set it up in your Google+ Profile or Page it is in the drop down list on the left under Google+.

Click the blue Create Event button on right.

Ideal size Google Event image is 1200 X 300 pixels. Select Change Theme in the top picture. Then Upload on the bottom left. Picture needs to be over 1200 pixels wide. This is tricky because you can only edit it a certain way. You want a picture that represents the event with information on it. Text can be added in a photo editing software. Picasa also can be used but not when the picture is in an album. Save it for later.

  • Select Event Options Drop Down
  • Allow people to invite guests
  • Allow them to upload photos
  • Select Advanced
  • Then select Show More Options

Google Plus Event Setup screen.

Add Google+ Event location, Details, Website and Ticket information URL. If you put the YouTube Share link in it will put that video in the Event page. Be sure and add specific transit and parking information for the Google Plus Event.

Google+ Event Setup Information Form

At the end select Invite. Then you can Invite circles under one hundred. For some reason Google does not let you invite over 100 people to an event. If you have bigger circles divide them and create Invite circles with 95 in each one. People can be in more than one circle so this works. Share the Event link in other places like Facebook, your website, txt and emails. Encourage your friends to invite their contacts.

“Share photos in real time. Party Mode lets you share pictures and videos you take during an event instantly with everyone at the event. With the Google+ Android app installed, you’ll have the option to turn on Party Mode when an event you’re attending starts.”

“Add photos to an event collection any place you see the Add photos button, marked with a camera image: on an event page, from a notification, or on your phone. When you add photos to an existing album that is part of an event collection, those photos will also be added to the event page and shared with the event guests.” From Google Help

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