About Search-Optimization.com

Internet Marketing Company

Established in 1994, Search-Optimization.com is an Internet marketing firm dedicated to optimizing clients’ online presence. That translates into more qualified site visitors, enhanced profitability and maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

The ultimate goal at Search-Optimization.com is to achieve synergy between all the marketing elements. Search optimization calls for a unique kind of synergy. It requires that the online elements be allied in harmony with each other and traditional offline marketing efforts. These online elements include the use of ‘natural’ and ‘editorial’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click, social media marketing, web design, video, landing pages and email capture.

Research shows that the average increase is 108% when search engine marketing is outsourced vs. 32% when done in-house. While both of these numbers are good, the higher result is worth the extra investment.

For those with existing in house webmasters or even SEO Search-Optimizatio.com offers management and augmentation. This includes content creation, social media distribution and overall optimization analysis.

For advertising, PR and marketing firms, our services include implementing and managing optimization programs for agency clients. Whether we’re a visible “partner” or working behind the scenes to create programs that can be agency-branded, our solutions can be offered to clients as a value-added marketing service.

In sum, search optimization removes your site’s online clutter and places it in a superior, top-of-the-list position on major search engines. As a powerful marketing tool, count on it to improve existing sales and deliver tangible, measurable results— quickly and efficiently. If your bottom line is important to you, you can’t afford to leave sophisticated search optimization techniques out of your marketing mix.