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Before 1994 marketing pushed information out to millions of people with the hope that some of them were  interested in buying what they were selling. Today this has been reversed and people ask for what they are interested in. They Google it, or friends make suggestions. The question is when will they want to purchase, what they are looking for and how to give them the information on what they are asking about.

Automated Internet Marketing by Gerry Grant

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Automated Internet Marketing Information

Some purchases are quick and some can take months. How do you keep in touch and know when they are ready? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been used to do this for years. It works, but takes a lot of hours to manage and is not very interactive. This has been gradually automated and turned into Marketing Automation Software. This has become so effective that companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars per month to use it. The price has dropped recently with new companies entering the market with some excellent programs. Search-Optimization.com uses one of the best that starts at just $4 per month.

 Automated Internet Marketing Triggers

Automated Internet Marketing Journey Triggers we use.

Automated Internet Marketing still requires the business to have a strategy and to create marketing collateral targeting the people they would like to do business with. For this to work someone needs to write copy, create emails and produce graphics. Someone needs to know Automated Marketing and specifically the software being used. In addition The business will need a writer, graphic designer, social media marketing expert, SEO specialist and webmaster to do all this.


For a small to medium size business it is now possible hire a company to do this part-time for as little as $500 per month. Some of this can also be done in house if someone is willing to learn it and implement it.


Automated Internet Marketing requires both strategy and tactics.


Strategy starts with the big picture. It identifies who the customer or client is and most importantly what do they want. Automated Marketing verifies these choices and delivers feedback on what is working.


Tactics involve the implementation of specific marketing techniques like creating interesting content about your product or just being entertaining. Automated marketing allows a visitor to be in control and request what they wish to know. It allows the business to judge the level of interest by tracking email opens, clicks and videos watched. The magic happens when the response is relevant to what the potential customer is interested in.


Offline this would be like a salesperson knowing a customer was interested in shoes because they walked into the shoe department and asked to see a certain type of shoe. They show an interest in the ones they like and tell the salesperson which ones they don’t like. When the customer says they want to buy them the salesperson knows this and rings them up.


This is not easy to do online but Automated Marketing is a big step forward toward an interactive exchange that goes both ways. Online a visitor shows interest by requesting information on a topic. This is usually done by giving some information: email, name, phone number etc. An email is sent to them with the information in it or a link to it. What do you do with the ones who read all of it, watch the videos and visit your social media?


Lead nurturing is what you do with those that are interested. Send them an update, special offer or GASP even call them! But calling everyone would take a call center. Let the automated marketing educate them then contact the ones who are interested.


In future articles I will have more details of what is used in Automated Internet Marketing. How to create Journeys that include emails, text messages,  heads-up messages and even mails postcards. These Journeys are pre-set with Triggers, Delays, API triggers and Time Triggers. All of this is tracked with lead-to-close reporting and A/B testing. After all this, opportunities, tasks and leads can be assigned.


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Automated Internet Marketing Information

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